• Prevention works. Stabilizing a person's housing is what keeps them from ever having to enter an emergency shelter, which can be the first step into the homeless system.
  • Street outreach programs, emergency shelter facilities and transitional housing programs assist those who are facing homelessness.
  • Through coordinated, community planning and data-driven strategies, we are working to help homeless people become formerly homeless people. We do not want to manage homelessness, we want to solve it.

Strategies to End Homelessness

Strategies to End Homelessness is the leader of a coordinated system of care for the homeless in Cincinnati/Hamilton County. Our goal is to reduce homelessness by 50% by 2017 and to eventually end homelessness in our community. We plan to accomplish this goal by:

  • Preventing as many people from becoming homeless as possible
  • Providing high-quality assistance to people who are homeless
  • Offering solutions to homelessness through housing

Through an integrated network of 30 homeless service organizations, we provide a centralized emergency shelter hotline, homelessness prevention, street outreach, emergency shelter and housing services, all working together to eliminate homelessness.

Since 2007, Strategies to End Homelessness has earned a broad oversight role within the homeless services community, impacting each part of the system that serves at-risk and homeless people.