Homeless to Homes is the comprehensive plan targeted towards assisting single individuals in order to end homelessness in Cincinnati/ Hamilton County by providing comprehensive services and universal access while tracking and facilitating movement from homelessness to permanent housing.


Key stakeholders from local government, the business community, human service agencies, philanthropists, and the faith community created a blueprint for a new homeless services system. The Homeless to Homes Plan, containing 56 recommendations, was adopted by the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners in 2009.

A cornerstone of the Homeless to Homes Plan, achieved in 2015, included dramatically improving our local emergency shelter system by constructing five new service-enriched facilities with improved access to housing programs.

Strategies to End Homelessness, along with 3CDC, teamed up with local service providers to form the Homeless to Homes Shelter Collaborative, developing five new emergency shelters to support the needs of specific populations.

Homeless to Homes Shelter Collaborative


In 2015, the number of people served in our shelters increased by 2.3%; however, through the efficiencies created by our effective new strategies, the length of stay in these new facilities decreased by 8%, indicating that the shelter upgrades have made a significant impact. Upgrades to our community’s shelter facilities and services include:

  • Improved shelter facilities, which encourage people to come in off the streets at night; plus, the improved shelters no longer turn residents back to the streets during the day
  • Daytime services, which include drug and alcohol treatment, mental and medical health services, and job search and placement
  • Higher quality and increased case management services to help residents navigate complex systems effectively, and receive the assistance they need to exit homelessness
  • Step-up model, which incentivizes residents to engage in the services that will assist them out of homelessness.

The Homeless to Homes Plan shares a vision for Greater Cincinnati that goes beyond shelter. By creating the facilities and resources needed to end homelessness among individuals in Cincinnati, we can create a more vibrant and revitalized community, and improve quality of life for all Cincinnatians.