Our goal is to prevent as many people as possible in Cincinnati and Hamilton County from becoming homeless. We aim to provide high-quality assistance to those who are homeless, and provide solutions to homelessness through housing. We also work to better understand the collective data on who is homeless. In turn we and our 30 partner agencies throughout Greater Cincinnati can provide appropriate services and fill gaps in the system where needed.

Who is Homeless in Cincinnati?

The answer may surprise you –

Total Street Outreach & Emergency Shelter Data: Individuals and Households Served* 


Adults 5,409 75%
Children 1,759 25%
Total Individuals 7,168 100%


25% of our homeless population are Children 


By Gender

Male 4,420 61.7%
Female 2,709 37.8%
Transgender 14 .02%


Nearly 38% of our homeless population is female


By Age

Birth to 5 Years Old 549 8%
5 to 12 Years Old 649 9
13 to 17 Years Old 516 8%
18 to 24 Years Old 825 12%


25% of our homeless population is under the age of 18 

37% are under the age of 25

When you support worthy causes to help our homeless neighbors, men, women and children are the recipients of your generosity.

Read the full demographics Data Report, here: Who is Homeless in Cincinnati

*2016 Demographics Data