Creating Awareness, Empathy, and Community Engagement Through Art

Strategies to End Homelessness had the district pleasure to work with ArtWorks Cincinnati on their signature mural for 2017. Along with Over-The-Rhine Community Housing, Downtown Cincinnati, Inc., and other partners, ArtWorks Cincinnati commissioned international artists ICY + SOT.

The result: “Faces of Homelessness” a 60-foot visual of homelessness in Greater Cincinnati.

Installed by ArtWorks’ Apprentices, the mural features six real people from Greater Cincinnati who have experienced homelessness. Including children, women, and men who, through the artists’ rendering, tell a story unique to their lives and unique to our city.

We are proud to partner with ArtWorks Cincinnati, Downtown Cincinnati, Inc., OTR Community Housing, and the City of Cincinnati to make this mural, and its accompanying satellite installations possible.

Satellite Images

In addition, to further promote empathy and inspire dialogue about homelessness, a series of installations appear downtown and Over-The-Rhine. Using data from Strategies to End Homelessness and designed by ICY + SOT,  these images are inspired by stories and photos of individuals served by agencies in our community working to prevent and end homelessness.

Satellite images address: family homelessness, veteran homelessness, doubling-up, education, domestic violence and LGBTQ homelessness.